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More About Little Gasparilla Island

Little Gasparilla Island is halfway between Sarasota and Ft. Myers. It has no bridges and is reachable only by private boat or the area's water taxi.  While it is just a short, 10-minute boat ride from the mainland, Little Gasparilla is a world apart.  Once you reach the island, you discover a very special place.

There are no paved roads, just sandy pathways that meander through the sea grapes and Australian pines.  Golf carts or walking are the usual mode of transportation.  The beach is wide and sandy and often nearly deserted.  Many days you can walk the beach for hours and not see another soul.  Instead, you may spot shorebirds and ghost crabs and giant sea turtles which come here every year to lay their eggs.  Fat manatees drift beneath the docks and float offshore near the sandbar.  Osprey circle above looking for fish.  Eagles and hawks, herons and egret abound.

There are no restaurants or stores on Little Gasparilla Island...the only commercial establishment is the golf cart rental shop.  All groceries must be brought to the island with you on the water taxi.  That lack of development means that our beaches are never crowded, our pathways are never clogged with tourists and the island offers a very safe and peaceful environment.

Watch our video below for a look at what makes Little Gasparilla so special!




People often ask us "What is there to do on Little Gasparilla Island?"

• Collect driftwood and shells and create a mobile with fishing line

• Collect shells or shark's teeth

• Search for gopher tortoise burrows

• Take an afternoon nap under the beach umbrella

• Read a good book..... or two or three!

• Kayak in the bay or up the beach

• Grab a boogie board and ride the waves

• Make shell mirrors and shell picture frames (just bring your glue gun and glue sticks!)

• Build sand castles on the beach


* Fish off the dock or the beach

• Jog to the south end of the island

• Look for osprey nests on the island

• Snorkel on the sandbar and look for sand dollars

• Collect coconuts and paint them

• Rent a stand up paddle board and explore the mangroves on the bay or look for manatees out by the sandbar

• Try out skim boarding

• Look for ghost crabs on the beach after dark

• Count up how many species of shorebirds you spot during your stay

• Rent a wave runner or jet ski for the day

• Walk up the beach to Rum Bay Restaurant for lunch and then walk off your lunch calories on the way back down!

• Float on a raft in the gentle waves

• Reconnect with your family by unplugging from technology for a week!

• Take pictures of shorebirds and our spectacular LGI sunsets

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